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Professional Domestic & Commercial 

Sanitisation Services 



Work Smart, Live Safe

Be Prepared For The New 'Norms"

As we start to get back to work during this uncertain time, we have to be prepared to change our habits to stay safe. Make sure your workplace is COVID Secure with JWG3 Commercial Sanitisation Services. 

Specialist Fogging Sanitisation

Environmentally Friendly Product

Effective for up to 24 Hours on Skin

Supported by 100+ independent laboratory tests

Effective for up to 30 Days on Surfaces

Our Goals

We DO NOT use dangerous chemicals of alcoholic products

Keep your workforce safe with the right protection

Reduce the spread and keep peace of mind

What is JWG3?

This is the future of antimicrobial technology. Daily germ defence for your family! Our skin & surface sanitisers are formulated to kill the toughest germs for longer than ordinary sanitisers, without nasty chemicals.

JWG3 is the ultimate, long-lasting germ defence. Our formulation kills germs by a mechanical process, a layer of positively charged, microscopic pins that coat the surface, attract and kill negatively charged pathogens by rupturing their cells. This protective membrane remains in tact and on the surface for up to 30 days. Think Smart Cleaning! 

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